Kiel James Patrick Bracelets

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I loved Kiel James Patrick bracelets as soon as I layed eyes on them. So beautiful. They remind me of the sun, the sea, the summer, and jeans! These stylish bracelets would fit perfectly my jeans outfits, I thought. They are one of a kind, all handmade (you can even choose the buttons) and it is difficult to choose one since they are all so great. You can take a look at the site here, and see all silk/leather bracelets and also the belts and the lovely headbands. Here are the ones I liked the most. Hope you like them too!
This is one of my favourites
Love this 3 colours together
A classic but beautiful
Dotted in blue!
'Tristam Calm Waters'
Love this one!
'Tallie Mandorake Reed'
Reminds me of the sea...

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  1. São lindas, lindas!!! Adorei! Vou dar uma vista de olhos ao site.