12 Things about SOFIA COPPOLA

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What do you know about Sofia Coppola? She's a great film director and producer, an oscar winner and also the image and the designer of the Louis Vuitton SC Bag. But there's more. Check it out.

"New York. I'm happy in my Soho Apartment, it's quiet.
Another option? Paris".

"Nars lipsticks, Biologique Research creams,
Brickhouse soaps and Bourjois nail polish".

"T-shirts, I can't live without them! And my silk
pijama, the thing I love the most in my wardrobe".

"Marc Jacobs. I also admire Yves Saint Laurent".

"Lauren Hutton, Carole Bouquet, Diana
Vreeland...since they personificate the word chic".

"Peonies, and if possible, recently cut".

"Bow Wow Wow, New Order, Phoenix, The Strokes,
and The Cure. Perfect to cheer me up!"

"Playing Backgammon, I always carry my rose
board in the travel suitcase".

"The SC Bag, designed by me for Louis Vuitton.
It's slight, informal and practical".

"My family's house in Napa Valley (California),
where I grew up, near the fields and vines, a paradise!"

"My father, Francis Ford Coppola. A memory from my
childhood? Going with him to Apocalypse Now filming".

"Photographs. I like Helmut Newton and Risaku
Suzuki's cherry blossoms". 

Source: Telva Magazine (Spain)

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